‘’Entropy is the process of normal decaying into chaos, randomness, and disorder. However, it is also the process of arrangement’'

This movement class was primarily built out of my main building block as a performer: curiosity.

In the last couple of years I’ve seen myself asking the same question: how can I keep on growing and challengining myself as a mover? 

For those that know me they might remember that during a creative process my attention seemed to first focus and address the physical and technical aspect of a movement and later to add the textures and sensations. These last 2 are essential and without them, in my opinion, movement can become soul less.

In 2014 I started to put together the pieces of information that I’ve been collecting throughout my dance career.  I like to consider myself as a regular student of every experience and project I dive into.
This thirst has led me to carefully ‘craft’ the structure of my class.

My aim in ‘Entropy’ is for the participants to cultivate, explore and expand their curiosity. 

Yes, to work on the physicality and technicality of movements but not by giving up on body awareness, imagination and creativity.  In ‘Entropy’ I like to address all these qualities. 

To learn is an attitude and, in my opinion, to 
try = to fail = to find.

I like to challenge myself and the participants.

With ‘’Entropy’’ I have established a simple yet complex structure of games, rules and limitations where the participants can discover more freedom in understanding their body individually; as well as interacting with others (in the format of contemporary partnering).

These games aim to challenge the participants in steps. So the learning process is gradual and follows the natural law of evolving, they become more difficult. In this way the students and I stay awake, have fun and learn.

The brain is the heaviest and most ‘loaded’ muscle. By limiting our self to the tasks and rules of each ‘game’ our brain relaxes the ’thought process’. By freeing our mind we unlock new creative space in the body and become elastic and available. We adapt into the conflict and not viceversa.

I will guide you throughout the entire class, coach and physically explore each game with you.

I invite you to join me.

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