So far, she had it all under control. No waves. An exemplary life, some would say. But that day, she lost it. Just for a few instants which will change the course of her life.
These are the minutes that follow a tragic domestic news story. What happened? How could things go so wrong? Herself seems to be overtaken by the events.
Now she sits quietly, listening to her thoughts in an attempt to untangle the knots in her mind. She finds many voices jumbled in a crowd inside her. Out of this crowd, she is searching for her own voice. Seeking comfort.


‘She’ by Antonin Comestaz | Ph.Chang-Chih Chen |


2015 version
choreographer: Antonin Comestaz

light and sound design: Antonin Comestaz
music: Aphex Twin
dancer: Carolina Mancuso
"She" was presented in 2010 at the 14th International Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival (Stuttgart) and was awarded  1st prize for 'interpretation', 3rd prize for 'choreography', and 'audience choice'.
Special thanks to Korzo Theater.
Ph. Antonin Comestaz ©

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