Tailoring with Lucille de Smit Wong | Rotterdam, 15th October till 15th November 2013

In 2013 I had the opportunity to attend private lessons with Lucille de Smit Wong. The classes took place in her Atelier in Rotterdam where she also has her own store and, as an essential part of this course, I was part of some fittings with her customers.

This course was an excellent choice! I’ve learned different processes in the creation of a garment; the importance of the textile choice, and improved my pattern cutting skills and polished my sewing.

Lucille allowed me to attend and be part of some fitting she had with her customers. Every person was very very different, and everytime she did a fantastic work in emphasizing or disguise a body part.

Beside the entire technicality that I’ve learned, I also learned how much knowledge I already possess, and how creative I am. She gave me a lot of confidence.

‘Felt course for beginners and advance’ with Ricarda Assmann | atelier Fiberfusing, November 2015

In this course I’ve learned the foundations of wet felt making techniques: layering the wool roving, 
to use different types of wool fibers to later identify their usual use, prefelts-making with animal and plant fibers,to use wool tools and other mix media products and to calculate the shrinkage factor.
Throughout the entire course I could not stop smiling!. I simply connected with this wonderful fibres.
One is in a constant conversation with the wool. A silent one, just like dancing... 

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